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Carneau Pigeons

carneau - form pigeons
red carneau

The Carneau pigeons – also known by the names: Carnoso, Cainiau, Карно – are varieties originating from Hainaut, Francis (especially the northern region bordering Belgium), which began to be bred for hundreds of years. Varieties belonging to this type of utility form pigeons, prior to being developed as now, are broiler pigeons, which are maintained by most farmers. Furthermore, made pigeon klangenan, for flight. Newly recognized in standard decorative pigeons in 1891.

It measures approximately 37cm for females and 39cm for males from the tip of the bill to the end of the tail when the pigeon is extended. The weight must be 600 to 675 g which is a maximum for females, too high a weight would be detrimental to its fertility. Its plumage is abundant, red or yellow in color, with or without white shoulder pads.
The outline of her eyes is red and her iris is orange-yellow.

pigeons carneau - forme
yellow carneau
carneaur tauben
white carneau – carneau pigeons for sale

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