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tauben - forme - form pigeons
show antwerp pigeons

The Show Antwerp pigeons – also known by the names: Antwerp, Antwerpener Schautauben, Viaggiatore Anversese da Esposizione, Антверпенский Выставочный – is a varietal originating from the Antwerp (UK) region, and is informed as one of the ancient races, which has begun to be developed since Year 1870-1880. The varieties grouped into this Utility form pigeons type, are very popular in their home country, and have been widely developed in other countries in Europe. Although this variety is said to have good flying skills, but its development from the beginning is for the beauty of appearance, for the show.

show antwerp - form pigeons
antwerp pigeons
black pigeons - tauben
show antwrp pigeons black
show antwerp pigeons - pigeons de forme
show antwerp
show antwerp - tauben - formantauben
red antwerp pigeons

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