Owl Pigeons

Old Oriental Owl Pigeons

old frill - owl pigeons
old oriental frill

The Old Oriental Owl Pigeons– or also known by names: Old Oriental Frill, Altorientalisches Mövchen, Cravaté Oriental Ancien, Vocchio Orientale, Vecchio Cravattato Orientale, Старая восточная Сова – is a widely-developed variety in Asia Minor territories, entered from Turkey via Balkan. However, the intensive development was undertaken in Germany, in Nuremberg, for the first time in 2006. Varieties belonging to this type of OWL include very popular, and despite having excellent flying skills, practically the whole development is for improving the quality of the display. This variety is known as the ancestor of Oriental Frill.

Altorientalisches Mövchen-tauben
Altorientalisches Mövchen – satinette pigeon
old oriental owl
old oriental owl pigeons

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