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Thuringian Whitehead Pigeons ( Thüringer Weißkopf )

Thüringer Weißkopf farbentauben
Thüringer Weißkopf

The Thuringian Whitehead Pigeon – also known by the names: Tête Blanche de Thuringe, Thüringer Weißkopf, Testa Bianca di Turingia, Тюрингский Белоголовый – are varieties originating from Germany, in the Thuringia region, mainly in Rula, Brotterode, and Schmalkalden, and No information has been found since when it was developed (estimated in the 1800s, or earlier). The varieties categorized into this type of thuringian color pigeons are already widely cultured in various regions of their home country, as well as in many countries in Europe, even outside Europe. Actually this variety has a similar appearance to some members of the group “Thuringia”, although including the most elegant. This variety can fly well, but performance remains a key development goal.

Tête blanche de Thuringe
Tête blanche de Thuringe
colour pigeons - muffed
thuringian white head colour pigeons
thuringian pigeons-white head pigeons
thuringian muffed
red muffed pigeons
thuringian white head red pigeons

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