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Saxon Breast Colour Pigeons ( Sächsischer Brüster )

saxon breast - colur german pigeons
saxon breast pigeons

The Saxon breast pigeons – also known by the names :  Pigeon de Saxe à Poitrine Colorée, Sächsischer Brüster, Colombo in Sassonia a Petto Colorato, Саксонский цветногрудый – is a varietal originating from the Saxony region of Germany, informed that it began to be developed in the century To-19. Varieties belonging to this type of saxon color pigeons are very popular, known as luxury pigeons (luxury, like all Saxon races present), so it has been developed extensively in various countries in Europe. In accordance with its type character, this variety is focused on the beauty of appearance (color), although it actually also has good flying ability.

Pigeon de Saxe à poitrine colorée
Pigeon de Saxe à poitrine colorée
Sächsischer Brüster

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