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Nuremberg Lark ( Nürnberger Lerche )

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The Nuremberg Lark Pigeons– also known by the names: Alouette de Nuremberg, Nürnberger Lerche, Allodola Norimberga, Нюрнбергский Жаворонок – are varieties originating from Germany, especially Nuremberg, informed that it has been developed since the 1830s, Type Colour pigeons has a close kinship with Coburg Lark. This variety is quite popular, has good flying skills, but is incorporated into pigeon groups for displays.

Alouette de Nuremberg
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farbentauben - tauben
Nürnberger Lerche

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  • No ‘close kinship with the Coburger Lark’, two totally different breeds, one is a large ‘Form’ (Utility) Pigeon, the other a colour pigeon (Nürnburger) and one of the most Elegant.
    The later addition to the ‘Lark Marked’ the ‘Mehlicht’ Lark in Bar and Barless (once a separte Breed) (Mehlicht’ is NOT ‘Mealy’, it in fact translates as ‘The colour of Pale Meal(Flour) and pertains to the Pale (not white) wing colour) was bred by using Coburger Larks and this is still evident even today, with a tendency for the ‘Mehlicht’ to develope a slightly more ‘robust’ type (especialy in the head properties) that must be countered by selective pairing. PPS the Lark Marked and the Mehlicht should NEVER be crossed together, here in Germany they are bred as two separated varieties.