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Frillback Pigeons ( Lockentaube )


The Frillback pigeons – also known by names: Frisé, Lockentaube, Ricciuto, Курчавый голубь – are varieties believed to originate from the Asian Minor mainland, and are known to have begun development since the 1640s (although some literature shows since the 1730s ), And among other things it is mentioned that in 1757 in Cairo, Hazelquist saw pigeons whose “feathers were twisted or turned upside down”. In Germany, informed since the 1800s, and in the United States known since 1920. Varieties belonging to this type stucture, although it can fly well, but in development is fully directed to the purpose of appearance. This variety is very popular among fanciers.

Curly pigeons can be either plain headed or shell-crested. The shell-crested Frillback pigeon has a thick shell crest on the back of the head with rosettes on each side, and the crest should stand off the head. Eyes of the Frillback pigeon are in line with the beak. The eyes are usually reddish-orange in color in all varieties except shield marked, which has black or blue eyes.

frillback fancy pigeons
frillback pigeons
frillback pigeons
curly feathered pigeons
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black frillback curly pigeons

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