Owl Pigeons

Old Dutch Turbit ( Oudhollandse Meeuw )

Old Dutch Turbit pigeons - owl pigeons family
Old Dutch Turbit

The Old Dutch Turbit – also name Cravaté Hollandais Ancien, Altholländisches Mövchen, Vecchio Cravattato Olandese, Староголландская сова – originated in the Netherlands and is the oldest breed of owl pigeons in Europe, became known since the 1400s. Varieties belonging to this type of Owl ( turbit ) pigeons , including very popular in the country of origin. Able to fly quite well, but now more focused as pigeon displays. This variety is very much nurtured by the fancier, and became a mainstay in various competitions or exhibitions.( old dutch owl pigeon )

Altholländisches Mövchen
Cravaté Hollandais ancien
Old Dutch Turbit pigeons
Oudhollandse Meeuw

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