Owl Pigeons

Old German Owl ( Altdeutsches Mövchen )

german owl
old german owl

The Old German Owl – also known by names: Cravaté Allemand ancien, Altdeutsche Mövchen, Vecchio Cravattato Tedesco, Старогерманская сова – are the original features of the German owl group (schildmövchen), which is characterized by a coloring pattern that resembles the birds of the Camar Herring , but was only recognized as a separate varieties in 1956 – and varieties belonging to this type of Owl pigeons, by USA-NPA was accepted in 1999. It flies well, but is more developed for appearance.

Altdeutsches Mövchen
Altdeutsches Mövchen tauben
Cravaté Allemand ancien
owl pigeons
old german owl pigeons
blue red barred - shield owl pigeons
german owl pigeons
red shield owl
kalapati pigeon owl
german owl - german pigeosn
black shield owl
german owl pigeons
pigeon owl

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