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Horseman Pouter Pigeons

horseman pigeons
horseman pouter

The Horseman Cropper – also known by names: Boulant Horseman, Horseman Kröpfer, Gozzuto Horseman, Дутыш-наездник – are varieties originating from London and its surroundings (England), which are known to have been developed at least since the 17th century. Varieties belonging to this type of pigeon cropper-pouter pigeons during the last 80-100 years of development, especially in Glasgow, have brought back the character of the original Scottish race, which is believed to be the ancestor of Horseman. This variety is capable of flying well, but now only intended for the sake of beauty appearance.

Boulant Horseman
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horseman cropper pigeons
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Horseman Kröpfer
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