Colour Pigeons

Nuremberg Swallow ( Nürnberger Schwalbe )

Nürnberger Schwalbe tauben

The Nuremberg Swallow pigeons– also known by the names: Hirondelle de Nuremberg, Nürnberger Schwalbe, Rondine in Norimberga, Нюрнбергсая ласточка – is a varietal derived from the Franconian region (Germany), and is known to be developed since 1902. Varieties belonging to type colour pigeons is very popular in its home region, has been widely preserved in Europe. Although these varieties can be very well harvested, their development is more focused on improving the quality of appearance.

Hirondelle de Nuremberg
swallow pigeons
nuremberg swallow
Nürnberger Schwalbe
Nürnberger Schwalbe

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