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Saxon White Tail ( Sächsischer Weißschwanz )

colour - saxon pigeons
saxon white tail pigeons

The Saxon Whitetail pigeons– also known by the names: Queue Blanche de Saxe, Sächsischer Weißschwanz, Colombo in Sassonia a Coda Bianca, Саксонский белохвостый – is a German-derived variety, developed in the Saxony region, and is estimated to begin in the century -19. Varieties belonging to this type of saxon colour pigeons, have an appearance that is not unlike the other Saxon groups, is also very popular, widely farmed in various countries in Europe or outside. This variety in its development also relies heavily on the creation of maximum performance, although it can also fly well.

Sächsischer tauben
Sächsischer Weißschwanz
Sächsischer Weißschwanz tauben
Queue blanche de Saxe

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