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Thurgau Shield ( Thurgauer Schildtaube )

thurgau shield pigeons

The Thurgau Shield pigeon – also known by the names: Bouclier Thurgovien, Thurgauer Schildtaube, Turgoviese Scudato, Тургаусский Щитковый – is a varietal originating from the Thurgau region (Switzerland), informed that it began to develop since the 19th century, and has kinship with some German pigeon races. The varieties categorized into this type of swiss colour pigeons, very popular among breeders and fanciers, are widely developed in various countries in Europe. This variety is known as an excellent pilot, in addition to having a beautiful and attractive appearance.

Bouclier Thurgovien
Thurgauer tauben
Thurgauer Schildtaube
thurgau shield