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Saxon Priest ( Sächsische Pfaffentaube )

Prêtre de Saxe
Prêtre de Saxe

The Saxon Priest pigeon – or also known by the names of ; Prêtre de Saxe, Sächsische Pfaffentaube, Prete in Sassonia, Саксонский священник В »- is a varietal derived from Germany, specially developed in Saxony, estimated in the 19th century or earlier . Some records indicate that varieties belonging to the Saxon color pigeons type are likely to result from the trumpeter race (the original form). In Germany and several other European countries, these varieties are well known and widely farmed. Despite having the ability to fly, but breeding this variety has been solely done to improve the quality of appearance.

saxon farbentauben
Sächsische Pfaffentaube
saxon pigeons
saxon priest