Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Gaditano Cropper ( Buchon Gaditano-Jerezano )

Cropper pigeons
Gaditano Cropper

Gaditano Cropper – also known by the following names: Boulant Gaditano, Gaditano Pouter, Gaditano Kröpfer, Gozzuto Gaditano, Гадитано – This breed is known in Spain by the name Isleño and specifically Jerezano. The cultivar originated in Cádiz (Andalusia), Spain, but is thought to have been developed in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Apparently due to the city’s genetic origin, Gorguero was developed by several crosses between Cotileja and Rafeño. According to some older breeders, they also included a French fowl in the breed.

The ideal length is between 22 – 26 cm and the medium pigeon weighs 350 – 450 grams. This variety has great flying ability, but in later developments, modern varieties are more geared towards the benefit of appearance.palomo gaditano

pigeons de Boulant
Boulant Gaditano
Buchonas - palomas
Buchon Gaditano-Jerezano
Kröpfer-palomo gaditano
Gaditano Kröpfer

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