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Rafeno Cropper Spanish Owl Pouter

rafeno spanish pigeons
Rafeno Kröpfer

Buchon Rafeño

The Rafeno Cropper – also known by the names: Boulant Rafeno, Rafeno Kröpfer, Gozzuto Rafeno, Рафено – is one of the most ancient varieties or races, dating from Andalusia (southern Spain), since the beginning of the 8th century, but it is estimated originally from North Africa. Varieties belonging to this type of Cropper pigeons, now already very popular, widely developed in various countries in Europe. Some breeders also inform that these varieties are widely used as breeders for other “cropper” varieties. It can fly quite well, but its development is more geared towards improving the quality of its appearance.

spanish pigeons
Rafeno Cropper
gozzuto rafeno
buchon rafene
boulant -piheons
boulant rafenıo