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Strasser Pigeons

strasser pigeons
strasser pigeons

The Strasser pigeons – also known by the name: Штрассер – are unknown but introduced and named varieties in Germany, in particular began to be bred in Moravia since 1840 – although its development continues for several years. The varieties grouped into this type of Utility form pigeons, were first exhibited in Berlin and Hannover in 1903, and at that time became very popular in Europe, and became the beginning of establishing these varieties into permanent standards. The word “strasser” comes from the German word “street,” which describes this variety as a pigeon looking for food on the inner streets of the city. Having blood ties with several races, including Florentine. This variety has poor flying skills, so the appearance is more of a fascination for breeders and fanciers. This variety has spread all over the world.

strasser pigeons weight 800-1000 gr ( strasser tauben gewicht)

strasser tauben
blue strasser
pigeons strasser

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