Form Pigeons

French Sottobanca ( Sottobanca Francais )

form pigeons - utility pigeons
french sottobanca

The French Sottobanca Pigeons – also known by the names:  Sottobanca Francais, Französische Sottobanca, Sottobanca-Franz Zuchtrichtung, Sottobanca Francese, Соттобанка (франц. Тип) – is a varietal originally derived from Lombardy (Italy) , then entered into Francis in the early twentieth century, which subsequently developed separate development and formed a distinct variety or type (EE then establishes Francis as the country of origin). Varieties belonging to this type of Utility form pigeons, also actually broiler doves in the past, then the selection process more directed to the improvement of exterior quality. This variety can fly well.

Sottobanca pigeons from all walks of life, from the family farm to the castle courtyard. This pigeon was clearly made from hybrids of the Romagnol, Bagadais, Bergamasque and Triganino breeds. Meat visuality and reproductive skills have been improved. The basic qualities expected of this large farm breed: high weight, excellent breeder, disease resistant and very good adaptability to the environment. Purpose is related, so its evolution is based on its mass and the quality of its meat. Common sense choice naturally turned towards the heaviest individuals.

Sottobanca franz Zuchtrichtung
pigeons forme
Sottobanca Francais

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