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The Poster Pigeons – also known by names: Postier, Постер – is a varieties derived from Switzerland (Switzerland), but much developed among others in Belgium, and lifted since the mid-19th century. Varieties belonging to this type of swiss colour pigeons, quite difficult to obtain information, although some records indicate that this variety is quite popular in European countries. This variety is known for its good flying ability, although from the appearance side is also quite beautiful.

Bred in the Central Areas in the Middle of the 1800’s from an old ‘Homer’ Breed. Its excellent orienteering earned it the name of ‘Poster’ ( Post Pigeon). A good medium sized pigeon with quite a high stance. The head has a distinct flat top and almost straight line from in front of the eyes to the beak-tip. The neck should also be an almost vertically straight line from the back of the head. Colours are Black, White, Blue, Dilute Blue, Mealy and Cream. ‘Dom’ Red and Yellow; these have darker flecked feathers, like a ‘Grizzle’ pattern.

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