Ringbater Pigeons

Rhine Ringbeater Pigeons ( Rheinischer Ringschläger )

Ringbeater - pigeons - ringschläger
Rhine Ringbeater

The Rhine Ringbater Pigeons– also known by the names: Ringslager du Rhin, Rheinischer Ringschläger, Ringschläger del Reno, Райн кольцебойный – are varieties originating from Germany, and described by Aldrovandi in 1599, then in 1850 appeared in the Lower Rhine in its present form. Varieties belonging to this type of Ringbater pigeons, now very popular and widely developed in various countries in Europe. It has great flying ability, as well as a quite unique appearance.

Ringschläger - tauben
Rheinischer Ringschläger
Ringslager du Rhin

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