Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Lower Bavarian Cropper Pigeons

kröpfer pigeons
Niederbayerischer Kröpfer

Niederbayerischer Kröpfer

The Niederbayerische Pouters were born in the same breeding plant as their namesake (Bavarian Croppers). Karl Zausinger Senior from Oberhatzkofen, it was in Lower Bavaria, who had the idea to create a potter who is second to none. Both in the color, drawing and figure can not be compared with other races and in his Lower Bavarian homeland, he should also fit. So in the figure of the author’s creator. It should be a color in which all difficulties are stuck. He was able to imagine the color combination as with the Pigeons and they were supposed to shine like the Pigeons. Two colors on one animal were not enough for him, so the pigeons had to have an unusual drawing (white wings hovered before him). But even that was not enough, the pigeons should still be burdened with a bit of structure. Therefore, a headdress was added (Spitzhaube). What was that only for a person who had such thoughts? Certainly no breed pigeon breeder. These difficulties could only be thought up by someone who was not burdened with our race problems and the quest for perfection in the breed of pigeons. So a “pigeon fancier”, full of ambition, but very balanced and with calm nature. Maybe that was the prerequisite to create a race with all these difficulties. When he started getting the material for breeding, he always talked about a three-color gloss potion. As a starting material he used Stellerkröpfer, Brünner potters and pigeons for the drawing and color. Unfortunately, Karl Zausinger sen. the consummation of the race ceased and died in 1989. The breed was essentially finished. There was only the tail color to be improved. His son Karl then took over the breed and brought the Lower Bavarian Pouters for recognition.

cropper pigeons
Lower Bavarian Cropper
bolulant pigeons
Boulant de Basse Bavière

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