Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Voorburg Shield Cropper ( Voorburgse Schildkropper )

Voorburg-Shield Cropper-pigeons
Voorburg Shield Cropper

The Voorburg Shield cropper– also known by names: Boulant de Voorburg, Voorburger Schildkröpfer, Gozzuto Scudato in Voorburg, Вурбургский Дутыш – is a varietal originating from the Voorburg region (Netherlands), informed that it has been developed since 1935. Varieties are categorized into this Cropper pigeons type is said to have blood descendants from Norwich, Bruno, an Steiger. This variety has been very popular, has spread to various countries, especially in Europe. This variety has poor flying ability, so the aspect of appearance is more of a focus of development. Recognized in a permanent standard in 1938.

Voorburgse Schildkropper
Voorburgse Schildkropper
Voorburger Schildkröpfer
Boulant de Voorburg