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Swiss Mondain Pigeons ( Schweizer Mondain )

pigeons suisse
suisse mondain

The Swiss Mondain – or also known by the names: Suisse Mondain, Schweizer Mondain, Svizzera Mondano, Швейцарская Мондейн – are varieties originally from Switzerland (which was informed began to be known since the mid-1800s), introduced to the United States at in 1891, and it was in this country that these varieties gained development until it reached its present form. The varieties classified into this type of utility pigeons, are the result of crossing of several races, among others Runt, and initially (also today) known as broiler pigeons. This variety can fly, although bad, while the appearance is quite elegant and interesting. smilar breeds white king pigeon

Schweizer Mondain tauben
white - mondaine - hen pigeons
swiss mondain pigeons
mondaine pigeons
swiss wihte mondain

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