Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Hessian Pouter ( Hessischer Kröpfer )

Hessian Pouter

The Hessian Pouter Pigeons – also known by names: Boulant de Hesse, Hessischer Kröpfer, Gozzuto dell’Assia, Гессенский дутыш – are varieties originating from the Hessian region (Germany), which on record has been developed since the 1880s . Until now some breeders continue to believe that the variety belonging to this type of Cropper ( kröpfer) is a breeding ground for all German kröpfertauben races. Despite having excellent flying skills, however, from the beginning these varieties were developed for the benefit of “beauty contests”.

pigeons - Boulant
Boulant de Hesse
Hessischer Kröpfer
Hessischer Kröpfer tauben
pouter - cropper
Hessian Pouter pieons