Trumpeter Pigeons

Bernburg Trumpeter Pigeons

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berburg trumpeter

Bernburger Trommeltaube

Bernburg Trumpeter – also known by the names: Tambour de Bernbourg, Bernburger Trommeltaube, Tamburo di Bernburgo, Бернбургский барабанщик – is a pigeon variety that began to be developed since 1885 in Bernburg (Germany), in the regions of Saxony-Anhalt, and put into Trumpeter pigeons type. This variety is by itself known for its attractive appearance. It is informed that this variety is the result of a cross racial Double-crested German with other pigeons.

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trommle taube
tambour - حمامه
Tambour de Bernbourg
tauben - উড়ন্ত কবুতর
Bernburger Trommeltaube

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