Trumpeter Pigeons

Bohemian Trumpeter Pigeons

کبوتر زیبا
Bohemian Trumpeter - fancy pigeons

Český bublák

The Czech trumpeter is a basic breed of trumpeter, the most valuable features of which are the special vocal expression called trumpeter, and the rich development of feather ornaments, crest, forehead, and feathers, including feathers. This breed is expanded mainly in our country and in Germany, but also in the former Soviet Union and, of course, elsewhere in the world. In our country, the bohemian trumpeter is always rocky and only full-color, in the drawing of tigers, sprayed and whitish, requiring a transversely cut and beaked adjoining forepeak, a chocholka without side rosettes and mane, and increased emphasis is placed on the compactness of the figure given by the shortness, width and lowness, filling the space with rich plumage. Turkot

fancy pigeons
trumpeter pigeons – nice pigeon
bồ câu gà - کبوتر زیبا
Böhmische Trommeltaube
pigeon house
Tambour Bohème
Český bublák


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