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Saxon Swallow Pigeons

Sächsische farbentauben
Sächsische Schwalbe

She is the beautiful sister of the winged pigeon. The headstock, in conjunction with the round hood, I find personally more harmonious and attractive. The breeding difficulties are unfortunately much greater and therefore the Saxon swallow will probably never experience the spread of the winged pigeon. But the failures due to eye defects are sometimes considerable. Most swallows are of relatively compact figure, thus the wing visually always wider looks like the better known Saxon winged pigeon.
The top-color-stroke was for decades, in terms of quantity and quality, the “blue”! Jewels and enchantingly beautiful, the blacks with white bandages that were to be admired on the special shows of the South group. Red and yellow, the great problem children for decades, have developed very well over the past 20 years. Stepmotherly were treated in all the years, the scaly. Only the blue-white scales are often seen, sometimes in very good quality. Scaled swallows in black, red and yellow are absolute rarities. Occasionally shown specimens, often in amazing quality, make you feel like larger collections.other saxon pigeons  حمام سكسوني

colour pigeons
Hirondelle de Saxe
yellow spangled swallow
saxon pigeons
saxon swallow

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