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Saxon Wing Pigeon ( Sächsische Flügeltaube )

Sächsische tauben
Sächsische Flügeltaube

The Saxon Wing Pigeon – also known by the names: Pigeon de Saxe à Ailes Colorées, Sächsische Flügeltaube, Colombo in Sassonia ad All Colorate, Саксонский летный голубь – is a German-derived variety developed in Saxony, Erzgebirge and Lusatia (Lausitz) as well as in Silesia and Bohemia, which are thought to have been done since the 18th century or perhaps much earlier. Varieties classified Color pigeons type is also very popular, many featured by the breeder and fancier in various events. Has spread widely to various countries in Europe. And despite having good flying skills, but its development has been focused since the beginning for maximum performance.

Pigeon de Saxe à ailes colorées
Pigeon de Saxe à ailes colorées
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Saxon Wing Pigeon

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