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Mariola and Mariolinha Portuguese Pigeons

pombos mariola

Pombos Mariola

Mariola form Pigeons– also known by the name: Мариола – is a varietal originating from Portugal, known as an old race that began to be developed since the Islamic invasion of the Iberian Peninsula, between the 7th century s.d. to-11. Varieties belonging to this type of Utility, were once known as broiler pigeons, and then more intended for appearance. Some records inform that these varieties are still representative of their original form, so they are preserved as Portuguese varieties.

pigeon form-portoguese
mariola tauben
form pigeons - mariola
mariola pigeons

Pombos mariolinha

Mariolinha Fancy pigeons– also known by the names: Pigmy Mariola, Маролинка – is a varietal originating from Portugal, known to be developed as a descendant of Mariola (or as a small version of Mariola), obtained as a result of cross-breeding with Rafeno and African Owl. Varieties belonging to this type of Utility have similarities with Mariola, differing only in size. This variety is known to have good flying ability, but its character is more to follow the nature of its ancestral blood.

fancy kabutar photo
mariolinha tauben
pigns - utility form pigeons
pic of pigeon – mariolinha pigeon

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