Form Pigeons

Slowenien Whitehead Pigeons

Slowenische Weißkopftaube

Slowenien Whitehead – or also known by the names: Tête Blanche de Slovénie, Slowenische Weißkopftaube, Testa Blanca della Slovenia, Словенский белоголовый – are varieties from Slovenia, especially in agricultural areas in the Inner Alojza Sojerja Gorica, Ljubljana region, and informed about being developed since the second decade of the 19th century. Varieties classified into Utility pigeons type, are believed to be the result of crossing the pouter race, or also the race of Old Dutch Capuchine. It is likely that this variety was originally intended as broiler pigeons, but at a later stage the development was much focused on improving the quality of its appearance. This variety can fly well.

pigeons de forme - utility
Tête blanche de Slovénie
utility pigeons
Slowenien Whitehead

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