Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Colillano Cropper Pigeons

Colillano Kröpfer

Buchon Colilliano de Sevilla

Colillano Cropper pigeon – or also known by the following names: Boulant Colillano, Kröpfer Colillano, Gozzuto Colillano, Колиллано – is a variety that originated in Seville, Andalusia (Spain), developed since 1924.

Its genetic ancestors were the Gorguero, Murciano and a more rustic Marchenero strain than the current one. It originates in Seville and dates from the early twentieth century.

This variety has great flight abilities, but further development is intended only for appearance. The ideal length is 25 – 30 cm. between 410 – 460 gr. should be between

pigeons Boulant
Boulant Colillano
pouter - pigeons
Colillano Cropper
buchon palomas
Buchon Colilliano de Sevilla