Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Colillano Cropper Pigeons

Colillano Kröpfer

Buchon Colilliano de Sevilla

Colillano Cropper ornamental pigeons – or also known by the names: Boulant Colillano, Kröpfer Colillano, Gozzuto Colillano, Колиллано – is a variety that originated in Seville, Andalusia (Spain), developed since 1924. Varieties classified into Pouter Cropper pigeons type This is believed to be the result of a cross between the Marchenero race and the Gorguero. This variety has a great flight ability, but more development is intended for appearance.

pigeons Boulant
Boulant Colillano
pouter - pigeons
Colillano Cropper
buchon palomas
Buchon Colilliano de Sevilla