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Afghan Musafer Pigeon

kaftar afghani

Afghan Pigeon Musafer – or also known by the names: Pigeon de MusaferKaftar afgani , Afghaanse Musafer Duiven, Afghanische Musafer Tauben, افغانې کفتري. – is a variety that originated from the Kabil region (Afghanistan), but has not found information since when it began to be developed, only a few records show that this variety began to be widely discussed since the beginning of the 20th century. Varieties classified into this utility form pigeons type, although very popular in their home countries, are more widely introduced by breeders and fanciers who live in several countries in Europe. In addition to its attractive appearance, this variety also has good flight ability.

Colour and Markings ;

Black, Red, Yellow, Blue with black bar.
Amri: both wings coloured blue with black bars.
Shirazi: both wings coloured black, red or yellow.
Tjap: one wing coloured, the other wing white.
Khal: both wings white. ( also read : indian type khal breed )

musafer pigeons افغانې کفتري
Afghanische Musafer Tauben
Afghaanse Musafer Duiven

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