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Rzeszow Beauty Homer

beauty homer
Rzeszow Beauty Homer

Rzeszowski wystawowy

Rzeszow Homer Pigeons exhibition have been bred in Podkarpacie since 1945. In order to obtain this breed, the following breeds of birds were crossed: the German homer, the Nuremberg bagdad, the show homer, and the Polish homer . Some breeders also used pigeon cariers in addition to the above-mentioned breeds.

The exhibition pigeon is quite a large and strong bird, however, it should not be sluggish. He has a very elegant figure and high attitude of his figure. The head of the bird is arched at first glance, the beak is strong and strong. The whole body structure is short, wedge-shaped, slightly stocky.

voyageur pigeons
Voyageur de beauté de Rzeszow
Rzeszower Schautaube

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