Form Pigeons

Old polish Lynx Pigeons

ancien lynx polonais

Stary Ryś polski

Old Polish lynx is a large breed of pigeon, Currently, 2 types of this breed are bred: old type (less massive pigeon and less dense construction, livelier, with the famous “temperament” of these birds), which is now unrecognized by breeders’ associations and a new type pigeon (with the appearance of king or mondain), which is consistent with the current breed pattern.The breed is characterized by a red color of eyes and a rim of the eye merging with the color of plumage. The most refined color varieties are blue, cracked and blue with white stripes.

form pigeons - yellow pigeons
old polish lynx

Polish lynx pigeons Luchstaube 

form pigeons - blue pigeons
polish lynx pigeons

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