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Old German Moorhead

Altdeutscher Mohrenkopf

Altdeutscher Mohrenkopf

Old German Moorhead – or also known by the names: Tête de Maure Allemand Ancien, Vecchio Testa in Moro Tedesco, Старогерманский – is an ancient race originating from Germany, which was mainly developed in the Saxony region but has not been found since when it began to be developed, it was only estimated that it had existed since the 17th century or earlier. This variety is classified as colour pigeons type, classified as popular, especially because of its beautiful appearance.

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We find the most beautiful old Germans in black. Blue ones are quite well developed, red and yellow are unfortunately still quite rare to see.

german colour pigeons - saxon pigeons
old german moorhead
 Allemand ancien
Tête de Maure Allemand ancien

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