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Böhmentaube ( Český holub )

Bohemian Pigeon – or also known by the names: Pigeon de Bohème, Colombo in Boemia, Богемский голубь – is a variety from Bohemia (Germany), and developed since the 19th century. Varieties classified into colour pigeons  type are pigeons that are in the form of “compact”, powerful, and a very strong and reliable pilot.

Bohemian pigeon has a strong field pigeon shape with a horizontal posture. The plumage lies firmly on the entire body. The head is smooth, of medium size and well arched with a strong neck. The eye color is orange to ruby ​​red. The beak is of medium length and strong. The bohemian pigeon has a broad chest and a slightly sloping broad back, which merges into the horizontally carried tail and is well covered by the wings. The legs are of medium length and featherless with bright claws

Little is known about the origin of the Bohemian pigeons, except that they came to us from the Czech Republic and are close relatives of the Prachener Kanik. It is almost safe to assume that they are of the same origin as the Hungarian Pigeons ( Huhnschecke ) and Florentine. The further development and shaping of the breed to the present appearance took place in Bavaria. In the Upper Bavarian Chiemgau and in Lower Bavaria in the Lower Bavarian Forest, is still the main distribution area.

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