Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Laudino Sevillano Cropper

pigeons boulant
Boulant Laudino Sevillano

Buchon Laudino-Sevillano

Ornamental dove Laudino Sevillano Cropper – or also known by the names: Boulant Laudino Sevillano, Kröpfer Laudino, Gozzuto Laudino Sevillano, Лаудино – is a variety that originated in Spain, especially from Seville, the Andalusian region, which has been developed for a long time, but only recognized in permanent standards in 1940. This variety is classified as pouter-cropper type as a result of cross-breeding between Valenciano and Gorguero races. This variety besides having a charming appearance, also has great flying skills, fast and long-term.

kropfer tauben
Laudino Sevillano Kröpfer
palomas buchonas - razze
Buchon Laudino-Sevillan

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