Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Laudino Sevillano Cropper

pigeons boulant
Boulant Laudino Sevillano

Buchon Laudino-Sevillano

Laudino Sevillano Cropper – or also known as: Boulant Laudino Sevillano, Kröpfer Laudino, Gozzuto Laudino Sevillano, Laudino – a variety that has long been developed in Spain, especially from the Andalusian region of Seville. However, it was recognized in 1940 only by permanent standards. This strain is classified as a pouter-cropper strain as a result of crossbreeding between the Valenciano, Rafeno, and Gorguero strains. It comes from a messenger breed called the smoked buchona and Magaña, which was later bred by Franciscan Antonio Llaudis. Perhaps the most striking thing about this breed is the shape of its almond or hairy head with highly developed nose hooks in a short, thick and clear beak.

This variety not only has an attractive appearance, but also has great flying skills in the fast and long term. It is 23-28 centimeters long and weight ranges from 410 to 460 grams.

kropfer tauben
Laudino Sevillano Kröpfer
palomas buchonas - razze
Buchon Laudino-Sevillan

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