Wattle Pigeons

Old Polish Wattle Pigeon

Pigeon caroncule
Ancien Pigeon caroncule Polonais

Brodawczak Starapolski Buldog

The Old Polish Wattle Pigeon – or also known by the names: Altpolnische Warzentaube , Ancien Pigeon caronculé Polonais – Bulldog is already registered as an Old Polish Wattle pigeons. It differs from the Podkarpackie slightly with the construction of the head and slightly thicker beak. The head of this exhibition bulldog is similar in shape to the head of the Ostrowiec Wattle pigeons, it is similar to it at all. The problem is that it is a bulldog of the Świętokrzyskie type, not much different from the Podkarpackie pigeons and probably related to it. In central Poland, especially in the vicinity of Łódź and Masovia, however, other bulldogs are raised, larger, more massive, with larger galls. The construction is more similar to the German indian than to the Old Polish papilloma (bulldog type exhibition). In Romania, a twin breed similar to our bulldogs from central Poland – Caranculat de Oradea

brodawczak staropolski
polish barb
Wattle Pigeon
Altpolnische Warzentaube