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Meverdi Dewlap – or also known by the names: Mawardi, Mevrendi, Merde – is a variety originating from Turkey, especially in the Anatolian region, among others in the cities of Maras Hatay, Adana, and others. Until now, complete information has not been found, including when it was developed, only thought to have been in the 19th century or earlier. This variety belonging to the utility form pigeon type is known, among other things, for its excellent flight abilities, although its appearance is also very attractive.

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Although the close relationship with Lebanon pigeons , where the race is the most widely grown turkey. They are fleet flyers, with their high flying and loyalty to the nest, they have managed to be the most valued breed by many breeders. Due to the beauty of the pattern, it is mostly in our breeders who feed it as a form. Owning this breed and flying it is a source of prestige for a breeder.

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meverdi dewlap
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