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Turkish pigeon breeds

Pigeon history

In the long Turkish history, Pigeon was always an important figure. Pigeons were first used for communication. Nowadays they are used for hobby and competition. At the present time there are rich array of genetik resource about pigeon breeds in Turkey. This review study was carried out to determine and classified breeds of Turkish Pigeon. This review study was carried out to determine and classified genotypes of Turkish Pigeon. Various forms of the Domestic pigeon exist which some of pigeons are genotypes for their flying abilities. They can be grouped related with their husbandry purpose as diver, tumbler (somersaulter), roller, spinner, fleet flier, high flier, racing homer, show and singer type pigeon breeds.

Pigeon  Types in Turkey

Adana güvercini (Adana Dewlap in English, Adana Wamnentauben in German): Diver type pigeon. Locally, indigenous, also called Töme and Tartaç. Adana, İçel and its environs are the regions where they are grown

Ağ güvercini (Sharabi, Syrian Dewlap): The diver is species and locally called as Sharab. Generally It is cultivated in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, close to the Syrian border.

Alabadem: Tumbler and form type pigeon. Alabadem race, in Edirne and surrounding provinces in Thrace It is grown. There are black, yellow, light gray, light blue and white stripes in this race.

Amberi (Irjani, Urnari or Lebanon): This pigeon is a fleet flyer variety. Generally Southeast Grown in Anatolia

Anadolu çember dövücüsü (in English, Anatolian Ringbatter, Anatolian Ringbeater, in German
Rinschaleger): Circle beater is a race. While circling in the air, you can also draw a circle rotary. This race is cultivated from the Trabzon and Erzincan regions and locally as a single Gugul or Crested also called

Angut güvercini (Ankut Trumpeter): It is a race that shows performance. Locally as Gut or Gud
It is called. It is mainly grown in Diyarbakır region. Ankut bird specific and dem draw as There is a type of call. A good ankut should be able to pull for at least 40-45 minutes

Azman: This pigeon, raised in Denizli and neighboring provinces, is a diver race. Azman, as a very loyal race recognized. Easy to train. Usually tend to fly 30-45 minutes

Bagdad ( bagdadi ): Fleet fly, this race is locally called Mail, Nose and Homoma. Generally cultivation is done in Southeastern Anatolia. Bağdad race endangered of our race

Bango (English in Bango, Cortbecks, Krausentauben in German): Bango is a diver type dove race is. Abroad, it is often known as Bango. The cultivation area is generally Istanbul Bango is a small body with short beak.

Baska: The diver is the breed of pigeons. It is also known abroad as another. Baska usually Thrace and Aegean Grown in the region.

Bastankara Rahibe (Nun): Fleet fly is a pigeon race. Black-and-white feather-like feather He is also known as the Nun because of its structure. Usually grown in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. Because of this feature of the structure of the character in the world Nun (English nun) is known by the name. There are 12 tails in the tail

Bayburt (Turkish Whisperer): It is a pigeon race. Grown in Bayburt, Gumushane, Trabzon and It is also called Double Kukul in Istanbul. Bayburt has a characteristic, chanting form. Available in white, black, light or dark brown, red, gray and light red.

Bayramlı (Bayroumi, Beirouth): A festive fleet fly is a pigeon race. Generally Southeast It is cultivated in the Anatolian region and it is also used locally as Carnivorous or Payami It is called.

Buludi (Rehani, Reehani, Syrian Dewlap): Buludi breed dove as a fleet fighter like Bayramlı breed race is. Buludi Dove is usually grown in the Southeastern Anatolia Region in this region. Also called.

Burmalı (Burmali in English, Burmali Mövchen in German): Burmese pigeon fleet fly pigeon Although it is a race, it is also grown with form (ornament) purpose. Usually Southeastern Anatolia Grown in the region.

Bursa (Bursa Roller): Bursa pigeon is a reel race. Usually in the provinces of Bursa and Istanbul It is grown and locally referred to as Plays in these regions. Bursa can fly for a long time and 3-4 hours may remain in the air. White, black-and-whitestag and white-whitetail. Bursa Pigeon Collective as a flyer, who prefers to fly alone.

Çakal (Cakal Roller in English, Rouleur de Cakal in French): Coyote race is. It is named locally with the name Nalbant. Jackal Doves from Aegean and Marmara Regions It is grown. It has red and yellow color varieties. Jackal is similar to Bursa but separated from Bursa by the number of tail wirings. Bursa is 14-16, Jackal has 12 queues.

Çakçırlı (Tumbler in English, Schiraztümmler in German): A flaky fleet fly is a pigeon race.
Usually cultivated in the Southeastern Anatolia Region and locally named as Çakşırlı, Şıhselli and Panda is referred to.

Çiçi (Urfali in English, Urfali Mövchen in German): Çiçi is a fleet fly and form (ornament) pigeon race
and Şanlıurfa. The number of tails is 12 or 14 pieces. Floral diving, somersault, wardrobe
there is no ability to do or to sing.

Çorum takalacısı (Chorum Tumbler): It is a pulley type pigeon race. Corum, Yozgat and surrounding provinces It is also locally called Naked and Corum Nak. Corum race in pure white, galaxy, blackala and freckles are found in color varieties.

Demkeş (Demkesh Trumpeter): The pigeon type. It is grown in the Aegean and Marmara regions. Demkeş the pigeon has a special form of chirp called öt retraction gü. At least 40-45 wait minutes.

Dervişali güvercini (Syrian Taqlaji): The Dervishans are a fleet of fly fleet. Usually Southeastern Anatolia Grown in the region.

Dolapçı: This pigeon is a diver and a rotating race. The cabinet is also called Locally Playful.
The cultivation area is generally the Lakes Region of Denizli, Isparta and Burdur. the Dolapç
in some regions are called Oyumlu and Fırtıkçı. Most of the time some growers are
They mix butterfly breeds with each other. Wardrobe, the feet of the butterfly
It may be.

Domino (Domino Bango): Domino is a diver type dove. Usually in Aydın and İzmir provinces they are grown.

Dönek ( dunek) : It is a diver and a rotating type pigeon race. Locally in Thessaloniki and Muradiye It is called. Generally, it is cultivated around Balıkesir, Bursa, Denizli, İzmir and Edirne. renegades they are usually medium-sized and long-body pigeons. When the twinkle is shown, a renegade immediately dives passes.

Fırfırlı güvercin (Mfattel,Frisé Syrien,Syrian Dewlap): A frilly fleet fly pigeon. Usually Southeastern Anatolia It is grown from the region.

Göğsüak (Atlas): This pigeon race is a pigeon type pigeon. Breast is usually grown in Diyarbakır.
In this race there are atlas, narinci, livers, celestial, curd and olives. Telek in the tail
The number is 12 pieces.

Güllü güvercini (Syrian Turbiteen in English, Barbarisi Mövchen in German): A fleet flyer type with roses And pigeons. It is grown in Gaziantep, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, Osmaniye and Şanlıurfa. Kuyrukda that Number of telecoms is 12 pieces.

Gümüşkuyruk (Karakand Fantail, Syrian Fantail): This race is usually local Also called. The number of wicks in the tail is 16-20 pieces. Pied, black, red and yellow color varieties are found.

Halebi (Halrian in English, Halabi in English): Halebi is a fleet of pigeons and Southeastern Anatolia.

Hünkari (Oriental Frill in English, Oriental Mövchen in German) form is a race. Nuts are also called as Hazelnut, Mercenary, Money Hazelnut. Cultivation zone İzmir, Manisa and surrounding cities are generally in the Aegean Region. This race is usually Blondinette and Satinette There are two color variants named. There are also Turbiteen and Silverette varieties. The Hünkari pigeon is also cultivated abroad and is claimed to be more. This It is believed that the pigeon race started to be cultivated in the Ottoman palaces for the first time.

İçağlı (Yusufi): It is a breed of pigeon and ornamental type pigeon breed. It is usually grown in Diyarbakır. In this race Zengi, Tahini, Gümüşkuyruk, Kara, Miski and Yusufi varieties. Number of tail watts 12 pieces.

iskenderun: Scandaroon in English, Nurnberger Bagdette, Pagadette, Pavdotte, Bagotten, Pagadotten Taube and Hocker Taube in German): Iskenderun race is a fleet flyer and an ornamental type pigeon race. As it can be understood from its name, it is cultivated in İskenderun and its environs. White, black, red and yellow color varieties

Ispir: Ispir is a fleet fly pigeon race. It is usually grown in the Southeastern Anatolia Region.

Ispir Baghdadi: Ispir Bagdadi race is a fleet of pigeons as a fleet fleet. Generally Southeast It is grown in Anatolia Region.

Istanbul (Damascene, Damascus, Booz, Ice): Fleet flyer and ornamental type form race. is grown
In the Southeastern Anatolia Region, locally named Elagöz, Karagöz, Banana and Buz are named.
Istanbul is a blue race. Some of the breeders have crossed the İstanbul-Bağdadi race to the name of the bile.
they produced the pigeon they gave.

İstanbullu Kırkkuyruk: It is usually grown from Osmaniye region. Kırkkrukush race of Istanbul, Seljuk
and the hybrid of Istanbulite breeds.

İzmir Makaracısı (Smyrna Roller): This pigeon is the race of the pigeon type pigeon. Usually Izmir and the environment
grown in provinces. Some pigeon breeders claim that this breed is the world’s most original pigeon breed
Tend to.

Karaperçemli (Abu Abse): Karaperçemli race is a fleet fly pigeon type. Generally Southeast It is grown in Anatolia and these regions are locally called Karakaşlı.

Karakan (Karakand): Karakan is an ornamental and pigeon breed raised with the aim of demonstration. Navigate locally, It’s also called a pike and a silver tail. Usually in Southeast Anatolia It is grown. Karakan is also called the Fan Tail locally. Number of tail watts 16-22 pcs between

karakuyruk (Syrian Owl, Colored Tail Owl): Fleet fly is a type of pigeon race. Locally Nightingale The name is also recognized. It is usually grown in Southeastern Anatolia.

Katal : Katal is a high volatile type pigeon. Grown in Denizli

Kelebek (Butterfly pigeons): The butterfly breed is a breed of diver and a rotating type pigeon. Izmir, Manisa, Bursa and It is also known as Saya in Balıkesir. Butterflies perhaps referred to by the same name in every part of Turkey
the only pigeon race. Again, butterfly, the most famous ship ‘s race after the race of the turret. Butterflies single
flies. Number of tail watts 14 pieces

Kespir (Arans): Fleet fly is a type of pigeon race. Locally in Southeast Anatolia
It is grown.

Ketme : Ketme is a tumbler and an ornamental type pigeon race. Cultivated in Diyarbakır and surrounding regions
Also called Atlas. In this race Ketme atlas, Bozak, Ketmeciğeri, Ketmegökala, Ketmekürenk, and
Ketmeyusufi varieties are available. No matter which color variant, tail and wings are white
should be colored.

Kınıfırlı (Shikli, Shicki, Lebanon): A fleet fly is a pigeon race. Southeastern Anatolia Region It is grown.

Kizilbash (Mavibash): Kizilbash is a turtle and ornamental type pigeon race. Locally as Mavibaş
It is called. It is usually grown in Diyarbakır and its environs. Karabash in the cicada pigeons, Sarıbaş,
Kizilbash, Mavibaş and Zeytunibaş varieties are available.

Kumru (Dove Trumpeter): Dove is a passerine-type pigeon race. Usually in Sivas and surrounding provinces
It is grown. Purple, Arab and Milkwhite color varieties are seen. Male and female bird flying together

Malatya (Malatya Tumbler): Malatya is a flock of pigeons. It is usually grown in Malatya.
The legs are located on the mud and their length can sometimes find 15-20. Red shield, tread kula,
There are various types of rainbows, cactus, arabian, arbes, pinball, cacti, pink, pinball.

Mazoni (Mazoni): The fleet is a pigeon race. It is also locally known as Akkuyruk. Generally
It is cultivated in Southeastern Anatolia.

Meverdi (Mawardi Dewlap): Meverdi is a fleet of dove pigeons and Southeast Anatolia
Grown in the region. This pigeon is also known locally as Meverdi, Mevlana or Merdi. Red
and there are only two color varieties, yellow and yellow.

Mısiri ( mısırlı ): A diver is a breed of pigeons. It is locally called Musuri, Egyptian, Egypt, Rose and Egypt.
Egypt can be seen in all parts of the country.

Mülakat (Mulakat Roller, Bursa): The interviewing breed is a breed of pigeon species. This is pigeon Bursa,
It is cultivated in and around Istanbul. The dove of interview is the hybrid of Bursa and the Wild Pigeon.

Müsevvet (Msawad, Msawwad, Syrian Dewlap): A fleet of flyer type is a pigeon race. Local
in Southeastern Anatolia.

Nakışlı (Shikli, Shicki): Fleet fly is a pigeon race. Cultivated in Southeastern Anatolia

Oryantal (Oriental Roller): This type of pigeon is a breed of pigeons and is usually grown in the Thrace region.

Oynak: The diver and the rotating type are pigeons race. Oynak is grown in the provinces of Burdur and Isparta

Ödemiş (Spot Butterfly): Diver and spinner type pigeon. Usually grown in Ödemiş, İzmir
and here also locally known as the Ödemiş Native and the Ödemiş Butterfly.

Posta (Homer, Racing pigeon, Homing pigeon, Messenger): Mail is a racing pigeon. Generally
It is grown in Bursa, İstanbul, İzmir and Manisa regions. Color in the pigeon, a breeding preference
It is not. Factors such as the color, shape and size of the pigeon are not considered. Only for performance

Selcuk güvercini (Seljuk Fantail and Seljuk Tumbler in English, Seljucken and Seljucken Tümmler in German):
Seljuk is a form of pigeon breed that is grown for ornamental purposes. Locally Enseli and Saraylı
The Seljukian breed, which is named after the Seljuks, was grown in Konya at the time.
cultivars of land, sky, pal, ala, çopur and akkuyrukkara are grown.

Şafra (Shafari, Omari): Fleet fly is a type of pigeon race. It is usually grown in Southeastern Anatolia.

Sırtıkızıl (Irinfili, Lebanon): Fleet fly is the breed of pigeons and is usually grown in Southeast Anatolia. The backliner is also locally called Abali. All body hairs are black and only back should be red colored.

Takla (Tumbler, Turkish Tumbler, Crack Tumbler) a turtle is a pigeon race. Taklacı is grown almost everywhere in the country. Tumble is usually Mardin, Sanliurfa, Sivas, Ankara, Antalya, Diyarbakir, Malatya and Konya provinces are grown more.

Taklambac (Taklambac Tumbler). Locally in Rice Dıkdık is also known. This race is mostly grown in Konya. Tying sticks prefer only one tumble do not tumble. Usually stays in the air for about 1 hour. The number of tail wags is 12-16 pieces.

Tavuskuyruk (Fantail): This pigeon race is an ornamental type race and is cultivated for demonstration purposes. Often is grown in almost every region and grown according to the region Tesgel, Tersgel, Turkey, Baskettail, Fenerkuyruk, Ganrık, Rakkas, Kırkkuyruk and can be known as Hendavi.

Telkuyruk: Rotating type is the pigeon race. Number of tail wags is 14 pieces. Major color varieties are yellow, scarlet
and black. It is one of the races endangered.

Trabzon Rotary type is known as pigeon race. Gray with dark gray stripes, gray with black stripes, gray with gray stripes brown, pure black and yellow color varieties. It is one of the races endangered.

Trakya makaracısı (Thrace Roller): Reel is the type of pigeon race. Locally in Thrace, Rumeli
Also called Taklacý and Yerli. This race is usually cultivated in Kırklareli, Tekirdağ and surrounding areas.
In order to show the real reel performance, the race needs constant training. Tail Telek
The number is 12 pieces.

Trakya yerlisi: Fleet fly type pigeon breeds. The number of queues is 14-18 pieces. Pure white,
black, black, blue, red and rarely yellow color variations are seen. Thracian As a compilation, they are also known locally as kullu, tekir and canary. In a good Thracian Native race
flight performance and exterior beauty must be combined.

Van yüksekuçucusu (Van Highflier): It is a high-fly pigeon race, but it also has a roll-over.
Exhibits. It is usually grown in and around Van.
This breed is highly volatile and demonstrable.

Yasmaklı güvercini (Syrian Turbiteen in English, Barbasi Mövchen in German)
is a pigeon race that has been displaced in order. They are also known locally as Güllü and Gövgüllü.
It is usually grown in the Southeastern Anatolia Region.

Yoz: Diver type pigeon is one of our races. Usually grown in Denizli and Tokur in this region
also known by name.

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