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Shafra pigeons breeds ;

Fleet race. It is a hybrid race thought to have been obtained as a result of the breaking of istanbullu ( Damascane ) and Baghdadi or another race. It is a widely available pigeon whose breeding habit goes back to ancient times. In our country, they are flown in fleet fliers. It is known as “Shafari” in Lebanon and “Omari” in some European countries. It can be considered as a separate race.

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Physical Structure:

The first feature that draws attention is that it has a longer neck and longer legs compared to the Istanbulites. It is also significantly larger. There are no standing legs. Beak and nail colors are black.

Color Characteristics:

There are three colors of shafras: blue, red and yellow. These three colors are also available in striped and scaly (dirty, lighter) forms. Its color commonly seen in our country is blue stripe and blue scaly. Other colors are rare.

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