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Turkish Dunek Pigeons

roller - turkish pigens
turkish dunek pigeons

Turkish Dunek is slightly larger than a flat, semi-wild pigeon. Its length varies between 28-32 cm from the neck to the tip of the tail. It has a solid body, medium height, broad and pronounced breasts.

Its overall appearance is very ‘proud’. It has a peaceful character and is very loyal. There are a number of color variants. It is easily trained and rehearsed. The 14 tail feathers are generally longer and wider than normal. In many, the tail is slightly curved in the form of a roof, although not as much as in butterfly pigeons . These birds, which gain height very quickly when they swing, dive by collecting their wings when the bird is shown (glistening) from the ground and during this dive, the wing rotates in the form of a propeller on the tail axis once or several times. The breeding goal in this breed is long-distance conversion at high speed. During the turn, the stance of the wings differs from bird to bird.

Other local varieties of Dunek pigeons

endemic - roller - turkish
dunek pigeons
turkish pigeons - dunek
blue baska – turkish dunek