scandaroon - iskenderun - bagdadi - bagdad
scandaroon Nürnberger Bagdette
Wattle Pigeons

Scandaroon ( Nürnberger Bagdette )

The Fancy pigeon Scandaroon – or also known by the names: Bagadais de Nuremberg, Nürnberger Bagdette, Bagadese in Norimberga, Нюрнбергский багдет – is a variety that originated from the Eastern Hemisphere (possibly from Persian), which is then incorporated and developed in Nuremberg (Germany) but no data on how long began to be developed (estimated to the 18th century or early lebuh). Varieties which are classified into Wattle type is very popular in many countries, are farmed in many countries in Europe and in other continents. Although it can fly well informed, but the development of this variety is more geared to get a unique appearance. ( کبوترهای گران قیمت )

Nürnberger Bagdette - yellow scandaroon - wattle pigeons
Nürnberger Bagdette
Bagadais de Nuremberg - warzentauben
Bagadais de Nuremberg

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