ostrava bagdad - Ostravská Bagdetta
ostrava bagdad wattle pigeons
Wattle Pigeons

Ostrava Bagdad ( Ostravská Bagdetta )

The fancy pigeon Ostrava Baghdad – also known by the names: Bagadais d’Ostrava, Ostrauer Bagdette, Bagadese in Ostrava, Остравский багдет – is a variety that comes from the city of Ostrava, in Moravia (Czech), which has been known since the 1880s , as a result of cross-mating of the race bagdad, lark, and the owl. Varieties are classified into a new type this Wattle officially recognized in 1937. This variety has a good ability to fly, but its development has been more focus on developing the quality of the exterior.

Bagadais d'Ostrava noir - caroncules
Bagadais d’Ostrava
Ostrauer Bagdette - bagdad pigeons
Ostrauer Bagdette
bagdad pigeons
blue ostrava bagdad
Ostravská Bagdetta
Ostravská Bagdetta

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