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Italian Sottobanca Pigeons

sottobanca italian breeds
sottobanca italien breeds pigeons

The Sottobanca pigeon – also known as Italian Sottobanca, Sottobanca Italien, Sottobanca Mondenes, Соттобанка – is a varietal originating from Italy, which was declared developed in the region of Modena, since the 15th century ago. The varieties categorized into this type of utility form, including very common and popular varieties pigeon in Italy – are as popular as their corresponding varieties, Modena. These varieties are informed to fly well, but chances are initially broiler pigeons, and after a long period of development, now have a very attractive appearance, with a variety of variations.

italian breeds - sottobanca - utility form pigeons
italian sottobanca pigeons
white sottobanca pigeons - pigeon in italian
italien sottobanca
sottobanca italien
sottobanca tauben - formentauben
sottobanca tauben

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