Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Canario Cropper Pigeons ( Buchon Canario )

canario cropper
canario cropper pigeons buchon canario

The  Canario Cropper – also known by the names: Boulant Canario, Canario Kröpfer, Buchon Canario, Canario, Канарский Дутыш – are varieties originating from the Canary Islands (Spain), which are thought to have been developed since the 1900s.

It was created in the Canary Islands from the crossing of the buchonas pigeons of the peninsula and the Canary Island wild pigeon (Columba Livia Canariensis), the wild pigeons colloquially called the wild pigeon or rock pigeon. This subspecies of the rock pigeon was described by BANNERMAN in 1914, recognizing it as a subspecies because it offered some very peculiar features adapted to both the orography of the islands and the orography of the islands, making it very suitable for the Canary habitat. Until the canary buchon was acquired, its climate, which determined that it attributed very unique characteristics to this Canario Cropper pigeon, which was crossed with other peninsular breeds, especially Buchon Valenciano and Buchon Rafeño, began to be made until thecanario cropper was obtained.

Pigeons belonging to this type CROPPER, has been very popular and widely developed in various European countries. These varieties were newly standardized around the year 2009 ago.

pigeons de boulant - canario
boulant canario
buchon canario
canario cropper - pouter pigeons - spanish pigeons
canario cropper pigeons
canario cropper pigeons
canario pouter
canario pouter
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