Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Brunner Pouter Pigeons ( Brnenski volác )

brunner cropper pigeons
brunner cropper - Brnenski volác

The Brunner Cropper pigeons – also known by names: Boulant Brunner, Brünner Kröpfer, Gozzuto in Brno, Брненский дутыш – are varieties originating from Bohemia and Moravia (Germany), developed since the mid-19th century. The varieties grouped into cropper pigeons type then spread through Saxony to various other regions. Some people think that this variety actually comes from Czech. This variety is considered the smallest in size compared to other cropper group members. Also known as Brunner Pouter.

Boulant Brunner - pigeons boulant
Pigeon Boulant Brunner
Brnenski volác
Brnenski volác
Brünner Kröpfer - tauben
Brünner Kröpfer
pouter cropper pigeons
brunner pouter – brunner pigeon

This variety is said to have the most intriguing temperament, with behaviors that are considered to be aggressive and active, especially during lust, which is characterized by jumping behavior, spinning in a pitch-like style. Her legs were thin. Posture is fully erect and tall, crop (crop, “mumps”) is full round. The colors of the feathers are highly developed, covering all colors and patterns. Ring-foot size: 7.