Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Holle Cropper Pigeons ( Holle Kropper )

holle pouter
holler cropper pigeons

The Holle Cropper Pigeons– also known by names: Boulant d’Amsterdam, Amsterdamer Kröpfer, Gozzuto in Amsterdam, Амстердамский дутыш – began to be known for a long time in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), from the mid-18th century, but the breeding leading to The emergence of varieties that have new details and characteristics were done at the beginning of this century. Varieties are classified into this type Pouter Cropper Pigeons, although able to fly quite well, but its development from the beginning is for the beauty of appearance.

Amsterdamer Kröpfer
Amsterdamer Kröpfer tauben
pigeons Boulant
Boulant d’Amsterdam
cropper pigeons - güvercin resmi
holle cropper pigeons
holle kropper pigeons