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Basra Dewlap ( Messager de Bassorah )

Messager de Bassorah
Pigeons Messager de Bassorah

The Basra Dewlap Pigeons – also known as the names: Messager de Bassorah, Basraer Wammentaube, Messagero in Bassorah, Пузатый голубь из Басры – is a pure race originating from Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, which has been developed since the 17th century. Pigeons classified into this type of utility form pigeons have a large, elegant body size, with a habit of lifting the head of “pompous”. The neck looks big like a trumpeter.

dewlap pigeons
basra dewlap pigeon – basra pigeons
Basraer Wammentaube
Messager pigeons
Messager de Bassorah