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Archangel Pigeons ( Gimpeltaube )

pigeons colour

The Archangel pigeons – also known by names: Bouvreuil, Gimpeltaube, Ciuffolotto, Архангел – are ornamental pigeons that are considered the most striking color of all varieties. Archangel himself means “angel” or “angel”. This bird is rather small, slender but elegant, with its long history of development, which dates back to Germany and Yugoslavia, since 1890, and is included in the colour pigeons type. The color of the pigeon feathers mainly lies in the striking difference between the body color with the wings, although there is also only one color (self). This decorative pigeon has a little crest, with a large neck resembling the Arabian Trumpeter from another group. arch angel pigeon and gimpel

colour pigeons - gimpeltaube
pigeons - arch angel pigeon
archangel pigeons

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